I often revisit this map of England simply due to the striking colours, as it helps to have a canvas that I can enjoy looking at for several weeks or even months at a time. The colours remind me of my ancestral homeland Pakistan, of a time when I visited my grandparents and briefly tried out the local school in my grandparents beautiful village in Gujrat. I learnt how to write in urdu, the script that I have used here in this artwork. I wanted to erect tiny tent like structures alongside larger tent shapes. The complexity of creating these structures involves several layers of maps, each having a variation of incisions. Also, working with archival map paper can be a further challenge as it is slippery and at times delicate, so I try to work as delicately as I can when I am at the embroidery stage. I wanted the tent like structures to almost merge in the background, by matching the pure silk thread to the main hue of the map. The geological aspect of the map emphasises the burden that primordial Earth is being put through, one wonders who needs rescuing more - the Earth or its inhabitants.


I was artist in residence at the Lapworth Museum of Geologyin 2017 (see my gallery page Future Possibilities Lab 2017 - 2018). 


If you would like further clarification on to how read my maps please refer to my Gallery page for a breakdown or KEY.

Rescue Me

  • 56cm x 40 cm x 4cm