I wanted to work on a geological map of Iran and chose this map for its rich vibrant colours to reflect hope and prosperity. The calligraphic black Persian script reads 'Peace' repeated across the map. I've placed two geometric patterns in the form of 3D structures over Iraq and Afghanistan. I hand stitched the tent like structures with pure silk thread, metaphorically erecting small spaces of sanctuary. Using an embroidery stitch that is synonymous with comfort I selected a blanket stitch to hold the paper structures together.


I was artist in residence at the Lapworth Museum of Geologyin 2017 (see my gallery page Future Possibilities Lab 2017 - 2018). 


If you would like further clarification on to how read my maps please refer to my Gallery page for a breakdown or KEY.


  • Width: 45cm

    Height: 45cm

    Depth: 5cm