Global Sanctuary

Global Sanctuary

Large scale hand cut 3D paper map artwork, which took a year to complete, mainly due to the complexities of combining three physical maps to create one artpiece. By purchasing Global Sanctuary you will be aiding an art organisation based in Palestine as 80% of your money will go directly to this project. The 20% will be used to build a digital project to help bring Palestinian artists to a global platform. 


    Terms and Conditions. Once Payment is made, 80% will be given to Islamic Relief Gaza, you the customer will be given a receipt to verify this. You the customer will have full transparency of how the 20%  will be used. If once you have received this item and  you are dissatified with this product you the customer will pay for all delivery costs incurred. Please bear with us whilst we are still setting up.

  • Measurements

    148cm x 88cm x 6cm

    Wall mounted picture hooks

    Wooden 3D glass frame



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