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KEY to my Mapwork

Geological Maps I am drawn to the immense colours of geological maps. Through my research at the Lapworth Museum of Geology I have come to learn of the geometry formulations and geological maps around plate tectonics (movement of a place)

Silk threads – Silk Road, history, connections, stop points of rest and development for trade and commerce about trade routes.


Blanket stitch – When I am slicing open a geological map I sometimes think about the visual imagery, it feels quite cathartic to sew it back up again using a strong binding stitch like blanket stitch, almost like an incision that is healed through being sewn up. A blanket is a symbol of warmth, comfort and protection and my symbolic use of a blanket stitch is reflective of this


Tents – a symbol of refuge for the destitute and stateless


Islamic geometry – tile work in the Alhambra in Granada Spain– my place in Europe. The eight fold geometric pattern I take from the Alhambra Palace makes me feel as a Muslim I have always been a part of Europe.


Sumi ink – Japanese Ink. My link to Burnley Lancashire. My art college teacher suggesting I study the influence of Japanese woodcut prints on 19th Century Impressionist Painters. I never understood the pull of Japanese inks, brushes, embroidery until I was studying gestural mark making and book binding in Arezzo Italy


Meditation Whilst working in my studio on a reflective piece, I bring to mind the suffering of specific community/nation, and try to reflect on what might they be going through


Fabriano Paper Whilst studying in Italy I was based in Arezzo , a place close to where Fabriano paper is made. I often work with Fabriano paper as it holds the ink well, often as though it is still wet, with a glossy shine to the surface of the paper.


Calligraphy I repeat the Arabic words for peace, patience, hope, resilience, justice, fortitude and strength. Recently I was in conversation with a charity sector based in Gaza and these were also words that resonated with some local artists in Palestine. 


Tallymarks I use tallymarks to document my reflections, meditations and contemplations. They have a dual reference for me, as they also signify pain and suffering in different parts of the globe


Fabric Under My Skin

Watercolour illustration of Gujrat village home

Fabric Under My Skin